Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tempting the Beast ~ Lora Leigh

** Warning, this book is Erotica, and is very explicit in language and content. **

This is the first in the Breed's series. Callan is a geneticly engineered human, his DNA has been crossed with that of a lion, by scientists who tried to train him to be nothing more than a weapon. He has escaped that captivity and is trying to make a life for himself. Merinus is a reporter, who working with the rest of her family, is all set to reveal the testing and genetic engineering going on in secret, she has evidence and just needs one thing, one of the breeds to agree to go public. She has decided she will contact Callan and try to get him to agree to this. One thing leads to another, and Merinus herself is now in danger. But the real question is who from?

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