Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Divided in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Twenty-first book in the Eve Dallas series. I have really enjoyed this, we have found out a bit more about Eve's past, and how they deal with it. As well as what type of revenge they might take, if any, about her past. And alot of how they work together and apart to make the marriage work. We see more of Dr. Mira and her husband, as well as several others that we are very used to seeing, as well as just touching on a others, like Officer Trueheart.

I figured this one out before they told us who it was, but not by a great deal, maybe a chapter or two, and had a lot of ideas on how he managed it, although the accomplice totally blew me away. Very good book... now to get started on #22... Visions in Death!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Remember When ~ J. D. Robb & Nora Roberts

Twentieth in the Eve Dallas series, this one is really different from the others, as it is essentially, two books in one. It starts out as a typical Nora Roberts romance/thriller and tells a modern day story, (2003) Very good.. Then when that story has been told it goes to 2059 (Eve Dallas time ) and tells a story that is a sequel to the first, only taking place 56 years later with even some of the same characters. It was great to follow the story from beginning to end, even after over 50 years of being a 'cold case'. We also got to see a little bit of the dynamics in the works, and how they are changing a little, between Eve and Peabody. And even some between Peabody and McNab. Can't wait to move on to the next one.. Divided in Death.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Imitation in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Nineteenth in the Eve Dallas series, this one was REALLY enjoyable. I went back and forth as to who I suspected the murderer was for a little bit, and did finally figure it out. Not before Eve did, but before she revealed who it was. I also really enjoyed some of the dynamics between Eve and Peabody in this one, as well as Peabody and McNab. Eve also remembered a bit more from her past, and the first glimpses of her mother here, all in all a bit informative... Can't wait to start the next one, Remember When.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Portriat in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Eighteenth book in the Eve Dallas series. This one was great, totally blindsided me, I had NO clue who the killer was. In this one we got to learn a lot more about Rourke's past, which is a change, because usually we learn bits and pieces about Eve, but very little about Rourke. We also got to learn more about Summerset and his relationship with Rourke, and watch the relationship between him and Eve grow a little bit more. Officer Trueheart was back, he is starting to make regular appearances!! Can't wait to get onto the next one.. Imitation in Death.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Purity in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Seventeenth book in the Eve Dallas series, this story was much more engrossing and involving than the last few have been. The story took a much more personal tone when friends were injured. We also got to see more from Peabody and McNab, as well as Trueheart, and Jamie from a very early book (#5 Ceremony in Death). Eve had more to do with Summerset here, and less of the antagonism she usually reserves just for him. Very enjoyable.

I totally didn't see the end of this one coming, I didn't suspect the person that the book was leading you to suspect, but I didn't get the right person either. Still a great book. Looking forward to the next one, Portrait in Death.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Reunion in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Sixteenth in the Eve Dallas series, this was an intriguing story. Eve had to face a killer she had put away once, who had been released and was taking her capture personally. We also got to meet Peabody's parents, they were a very interesting couple, and quite likable. Also, saw more and deeper into the Peabody, McNab relationship, which seems to be moving well, at the moment at least. Peabody got handed her first homicide case, and how she handled that. Also, Eve had to make a trip back to Dallas and ended up facing a lot of the demons of her past. We got to see how she, and Rourke, dealt with that. Very good... Now onto the next one, Purity in Death.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Seduction in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Fifteenth in the Eve Dallas series this was pretty good. We got to see insights into the killers' minds from the beginning, even if we weren't sure who exactly they were. I also enjoyed seeing more play out between Charles, Peabody and McNab. As well as the interaction between Eve and Summerset, and how Summerset really does care, he just shows it in a manner that will do the most good to Eve. In other words, in an antagonistic manner, but he did take the time to explain that they needed to take some time away, and why she needed to do so, it was cool. On to the next one.. Reunion in Death.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Interlude in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Fourteenth in the Eve Dallas series, this was a nice short story. This was a good short story, had a good story, I had it figured out before the end, but not that far before hand, not that there was THAT much time, the whole story only took me about an hour to read. Got to see lots of our favorite charicters, although Summerset was mentioned, he was not in the story, and McNab wasn't even mentioned (again, short story) the whole story took place in under 72 hours and they were some pretty frantic times trying to get the murder solved in that time. I really enjoyed it, and look forward to the next in the series, Seduction in Death.

Betrayal in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Thirteenth in the Eve Dallas series. This one was pretty good. I was surprized by some of the twists, but not all. I totally saw who the third victim would be, and was glad to see some of the dynamics between Eve and Rourke. As well as some of the things working between Peabody and McNab. Looking forward to the next one!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Judgement in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Twelfth story in the Eve Dallas series, I really loved this book. We got to see Eve have to work to make things work in her marriage, and that Rourke isn't the only one who gives to make the marriage work. We saw a little bit of the McNab, Peabody dynamic, but not to much. We saw how Mavis's career is advancing. Plus we solved the crime, I had figured it out, but only shortly before Eve did, it was great!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Witness in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Eleventh Story in the Eve Dallas Series, I enjoyed this one. We got to see more between Peabody and McNab, with McNab trying to make more of the relationship, and Peabody make less of it. Eve is learning to make the effort to show Rourke how much she loves him, even if it sometimes means taking time from the job. Rourke is still taking care of Eve, which I totally love to see. We also got to see Officer Trueheart again, from Conspiracy in Death, and I suspect we will get to see plenty more of him, so far I really like him. This was a pretty good mystery story, I knew that it was one of the main characters in the play ,and who she really was, but I hadn't yet figured out which one.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Loyalty in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Tenth story in the Eve Dallas series. This one was really great, I had NO clue who was behind it all until the plot was revealed. We got to see some of Summerset softening towards Eve, and even caring for her some, though his method of doing that is to dig at her like he always has, he sees what is under the sniping and helps Rourke to take care of her.
We got to learn a lot more about Peabody this time around, meet her brother, and watch her starting to explore a relationship with McNab. I am hoping this may go some where, as they seem to really go well together, despite their constant bickering.
Next in the series is Witness in Death, guess I have to go dig it up now...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Conspiracy in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Ninth in the Eve Dallas series, I really enjoyed this story. Eve did more crossing the line in this story than in any of the previous novels, but only after they had already put her under investigation and taken her badge, but in the testing we also got to see how far she would go on the job and where she would draw the line. We got to see a ton more of Rourke and a bit more of Sommerset actually caring for Eve and not just antagonizing her. I really enjoyed it, had it figured out pretty early, at least most of it, but some of the participants surprised me. So far, this is one of the best in the series, but, again, I am only about a third of the way through the series.

Midnight in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Eighth story in the Eve Dallas series, this was a short story. I enjoyed it, it was a bit different, without loosing the over all feel of the series, as a lot of authors can do on short stories in a series. It did lack a lot of the depth of story and character that we are used to seeing in the series, but with a short story there just isn't space for it. We didn't have to figure out the killer in this one, it was given to us at the very beginning, they just had to find and capture him. Still was very enjoyable.

At about one third the way through the series, as it stands so far, I have come to love the way Rourke takes care of Eve, and am really hoping for some kind of of agreement between her and Sommerset, at least so that they don't totally hate each other, and I really do think it is in the works. He seems to be coming to care for her, at least enough to help Rourke in taking care of her. I have started on Conspiracy in Death, we shall see if it is as good as the rest of the series so far...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Holiday in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Seventh book in the Eve Dallas series. I really enjoyed this one, it was another of those that you just hate to put down, and more than once I found myself stretching out across the bed to read for a few minutes (or more than a few!!) I did figure this one out, but only pages before the killer was revealed. And more from experience with the author (I have read most of her books under the name Nora Roberts, as well as the 6 previous books in the series) , than from hints and evidence in the story.

I am getting ready to start Midnight in Death, it is a short story, and next in the series. Hoping it will be as good as those leading up to it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Vengeance in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Sixth book in the Eve Dallas Series. I really enjoyed this book, it was engrossing and I never even had a suspect till the crime was solved. Every time I had to put the book down, I couldn't wait till I could pick it up again. Very entertaining, and really pretty thought provolking. It dealt with a lot of the same characters we have been seeing all along in the series, with a couple additions, and we got to know some old characters much better than ever before. This really has me wondering what will be next and where the story will go from here.

Ceremony in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Fifth in the Eve Dallas series, I really enjoyed this book. I so thought I had the murders solved, and when the ending came, I was totally blown away!! So far, this has been a great series, and I wonder how long I can keep from turning sour about it.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Rapture in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Fourth in the Eve Dallas Series, I was very entertained by this book. I ended up having to put it down for some time (all day long.. eeek) and kept thinking about it and working on who the guilty was. I suspected the killer very early on, but was never sure until the very end. It kept me thinking and that, to me, is a very good mystery novel!! LOVED IT.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Immortality in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Third book in the Eve Dallas series, it was very good, intriguing, and engrossing, every time I had to set it down, I wanted to get back to it as soon as possible. And it even had one of the best qualities of a good mystery... It caught me TOTALLY by surprise!! I would highly recommend.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Glory in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Second book in the Eve Dallas Series, more engrossing than the first, but also a bit more predictable, I had this one figured out by the time the third murder occurred, but it still had the twists and turns that keeps a reader entertained. I am also enjoying watching the development of the characters. How they mature, and deal with life. We shall see what #3 has in store for us.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Naked in Death ~ J. D. Robb

I have long been a fan of Nora Roberts work, but had yet to read anything she penned under the name J. D. Robb. I have chosen to start this series at the beginning, and read it in order until I get to the most recently published novel. This is a Futuristic Crime Drama, and I really enjoyed it, I only had the crime half figured out before it was revealed, which is a rarity for me, and something very few other than Ms. Roberts ever manage. It was not totally engrossing as some of her books are, I was able to set it down and go about life without HAVING to come right back, but it still had the draw that I wanted to keep going and see what would happen next. The story was well told and had enough plot twists to keep you intrigued without totally confusing you. It was also entertaining enough that I am definitely reading the next in the series, Glory in Death, and I have read a few that were so bad I never picked up what came next.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

ok, after a bit of a hiatis from posting,

I am back once again to review the books I have read....I will endevor to keep up with it better from now on..

Recent reads

Christine Feehan's Carpathian series.. Very good, waiting for next book in series.
Chrisine Feehan's Magical Sister's series, good, again, waiting for next book.
Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake Series, Very Good, would like to see more
Laurell Hamilton's Merry Gentry Series, Really good, I definately want more.
Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Series, Very good, Eagerly awaiting more
MaryJanice Davidson's UnDead series, entertaining and fun, will read more as they come out.