Friday, December 21, 2007

Soul Deep ~ Lora Leigh

** Warning, this book is Erotica, and is very explicit in language and content. **

This is the fifth book in the Breeds series. Kiowa is a breed, he has never seen the inside of a lab, his mother was captured, and when it was believed she was not pregnant, she was released, only to find later, that in fact, she was pregnant. Kiowa is a Coyote, a Breed reputed to be the worst, totally without conscience and trained to be mercenaries. Amanda is the daughter of the President, and out on her own for the first time in her life. She realizes she is about to be kidnapped, and the next thing she knows, she wakes up with Kiowa, who had been watching her at the request of some of the other Breeds, for fear she would be a target to keep a law from passing.

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