Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Man Within ~ Lora Leigh

** Warning, this book is Erotica, and is very explicit in language and content. **

This is the second book in the Breeds series. It takes place just a few months after Tempting the Beast. Taber is a member of the Pride, the group of Feline Breeds that went public with Callan. Roni is a girl from the small town were the pride had spent the last few years hiding, she has know Taber since she was just a girl, and has always been drawn to him, and wanted him. A year ago, she thought she was finally going to get what she has always wanted, when things happened that prevented that. Roni has spent the last year believing that Taber wants nothing to do with her, while Taber has spent it believing the same. Now, circumstances beyond their control make them face each other and the facts of life.

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