Monday, October 30, 2006

Remember When ~ J. D. Robb & Nora Roberts

Twentieth in the Eve Dallas series, this one is really different from the others, as it is essentially, two books in one. It starts out as a typical Nora Roberts romance/thriller and tells a modern day story, (2003) Very good.. Then when that story has been told it goes to 2059 (Eve Dallas time ) and tells a story that is a sequel to the first, only taking place 56 years later with even some of the same characters. It was great to follow the story from beginning to end, even after over 50 years of being a 'cold case'. We also got to see a little bit of the dynamics in the works, and how they are changing a little, between Eve and Peabody. And even some between Peabody and McNab. Can't wait to move on to the next one.. Divided in Death.

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