Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Divided in Death ~ J. D. Robb

Twenty-first book in the Eve Dallas series. I have really enjoyed this, we have found out a bit more about Eve's past, and how they deal with it. As well as what type of revenge they might take, if any, about her past. And alot of how they work together and apart to make the marriage work. We see more of Dr. Mira and her husband, as well as several others that we are very used to seeing, as well as just touching on a others, like Officer Trueheart.

I figured this one out before they told us who it was, but not by a great deal, maybe a chapter or two, and had a lot of ideas on how he managed it, although the accomplice totally blew me away. Very good book... now to get started on #22... Visions in Death!!

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