Saturday, May 05, 2007

Obsidian Butterfly ~ Laurell Hamilton

This is the ninth book in the Anita Blake Series. I always have the hardest time getting through this one. Edwards calls in the favor that Anita owed him for killing his backup, Harley, in The Killing Dance, and Anita must go to New Mexico to help him figure out who is committing the serial killings. While in New Mexico, Anita meets two others that Edward has called in on the case, as well as several local law enforcement, and the FBI Agent she dealt with in Bloody Bones. Anita has cut off her relationship with Richard and Jean Claude, and each only has a brief appearance in the book. After Anita nearly dies Jean Claude comes to her in a dream, and warns her away from the local Master of the City, cause she has killed all vampires that have entered her territory in the last 50 years, and the counsel has declared the area off limits. Except that Anita has already met her, and must go back. Will Anita figure out what kind of creature is behind the gruesome killings in time? And will she survive the quest?

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