Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Narcissus in Chains ~ Laurell Hamilton

This is the tenth book in the Anita Blake series. In the very beginning of this novel, Anita is called to rescue Nathanial, one of her wereleopards. Once she gets to the club where he is, there is more going on that they originally thought. Anita and Jean-Claude, along with Richard, ‘marry’ their vampire marks, meaning that Anita and Richard receive the 4th and finial mark of servant, and they are now a true triumvirate. In the fight to get Nathanial back, Anita is severely injured, and it now appears that Anita may be a wereleopard herself, and the true Namir-Ra to her pard. Anita also has to try to save Damien, the vampire she has managed to free from his creators and his blood oath to Jean-Claude, by way of her necromancy, who after she cut herself off from everyone to try to come to terms with herself, went crazy and has spent the last 6 months locked in a coffin covered in crosses.

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