Thursday, December 14, 2006

Into the Night ~ Suzanne Brockmann

This is the fifth book in the Troubleshooters series. This tells the story of Joan, a White House Staffer, and Mike, a Navy SEAL with Team Sixteen's Troubleshooters. Mike starts out giving Joan a tour of the base and an example of some of what SEALs go through in training and Hell Week on the base where Team Sixteen is stationed. We also get to follow the story of a couple during WWII. I was very entertained by this story, I was engrossed in the action and intrigue, and kept hopping my the events in the story, I did figure out who the bad guy was in the end, long before some even realized that there WAS a bad buy, But I think part of that may be that I am becoming accustomed to Suzanne's writing style.

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