Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Aiden's Charity ~ Lora Leigh

this is the eighth book in the Breed's series. ** Warning, this book is Erotica, and is very explicit in language and content. ** Charity was mated to Aiden, six years ago, when Aiden was a captive in the labs that created him, and Charity was a lab tech. In an effort to save his life, she becomes his mate, though unknowingly, only days before the pack escapes. Over the years she has studied, and hidden the changes in her body from the counsel. Unfortunately, they discovered these changes six months ago, and since have been using her as a test subject, testing new drugs and hormones on her, with absolutely no regard to her health or sanity. Aiden has only just discovered her, but still blames her for what he sees as her betrayal 6 years earlier. Can he over come his hatred of her, to see what needs to be done to help her to heal?

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