Friday, March 16, 2007

The Dream-Hunter ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon

This novel is part of the Dark Hunter series. Arikos was doomed by the gods, he had lived for eternity and had no emotions of his own. The only time he could experience an emotion was when he was sharing a dream with a human. And he has finally found a dreamer who's vivid mind he can't live without.
Dr Megeara Kafieri was in search of Atlantis. She has spent most of her life in search of a place that most people believe is a myth. But Megeara knows better, she knows it exists, and better yet, she believes she knows where it is.
Together maybe they can uncover secrets that have been hidden for thousands and thousands of years.
I really enjoyed this book, though was slightly disappointed that it wasn't 'next' in the series. It does explain a lot of mysteries that we have been wanting solved. it is just not the next story chronologically.

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